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ACHK Condemns the Chinese Consulate’s Exclusive Interview with Vancouver’s AM 1320

OTTAWA, ON (July 28, 2020) – Alliance Canada Hong Kong (ACHK) condemns the Chinese Consulate’s attempts to influence and coerce Chinese Canadians to comply with the wishes of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

An exclusive interview with Chinese Consul General, Tong Xiaoling, aired an exclusive interview with a Chinese-language radio station, Vancouver’s AM 1320, self-proclaimed as “the Voice of Vancouver’s Chinese Community”. In these radio clips, Tong clearly demonstrates an increased effort by the CCP to interfere in Canadian politics and society.

Tong calls out Chinese-Canadian MPs who are openly critical of the CCP regime and accuses them of playing into divisive politics that fractures the Chinese-Canadian community. Additionally, she warns of following in the footsteps of the U.S. and meddling in internal Chinese affairs as she discusses the national security law in Hong Kong.

Tong’s words threaten the safety of Chinese-Canadians, and are reminiscent of Chinese Ambassador Cong Peiwu’s past statements which warned of retaliation against Canadians. The CCP has made significant efforts to influence the Chinese-Canadian communities and to mute criticism of its heavy handed response in Hong Kong and concentration camps in East Turkestan (also known as Xinjiang).

The CCP has weaponized racial identity and tensions within the Chinese diaspora community, especially under the wave of Sinophobia under COVID-19. Tong called out Canadian politicians for meddling in Chinese affairs, while attempting to censor criticism of the CCP’s tyrannical national security law in Hong Kong. Aiming to unify all ethnic Chinese groups under the Chinese regime, the CCP has promoted the image of a unified Chinese community in the face of persecution from a foreign government to advance their own state interests and goals. This is often done through Chinese language Canadian media.

Additionally, Tong’s interview and narrative aligned with a statement published by the Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver (CBA) and Hong Kong Canadians on Hong Kong Situation Association (HKCOSA). CBA has known ties to the pro-Beijing community in Vancouver; CBA’s partner for the statement, HKCOSA has been inactive since May 2017 according to their website.

Today’s exclusive media interview with Tong is a part of the larger campaign to influence and coerce Chinese communities in Canada to comply with the wishes of the Chinese government. This is a critical time for Ottawa to review our current policies and legislation relating to foreign interference in Canada. The attacks on our democracy is well underway.

Below are the transcriptions and translations of Tong’s coverage from July 27th and 28th.

July 27th, 12pm

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07:19 本地近日就港區國安法發表評論同表達不滿,亦都有政客向聯邦政府表示加強對中國實施制裁 而中國駐溫哥華總領事佟曉玲接受本台獨家專訪回應有關嘅報導 佢話係美國為先嘅國家搞亂香港

07:19 There have been mounting criticisms and concerns locally regarding the legislation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, with politicians pressuring the federal government to impose sanctions on China. In an exclusive interview with Fairchild Radio, the Chinese Consulate-General in Vancouver Tong Xiaoling said it was Western countries led by the United States disrupting Hong Kong’s affairs.

07:38 中國駐溫哥華總領事佟曉接受本台獨家專訪回應本地近日有組織及政治人物因港區國安法發表評論同表達不滿,以及加國向中國實施制裁等問題

07:38 In an exclusive interview with Fairchild Radio, the Chinese Consulate-General in Vancouver Tong Xiaoling responded to the comments and criticisms of the Hong Kong National Security Law from Canadian organizations and politicians as well as the calls to impose sanctions on China.

07:53 佢被問到 加拿大同美國等西方國家 就港區國安法實施制裁 是否將令到加拿大同中國關係雪上加霜 佟曉玲表示 加國唔應該跟隨美國為首嘅西方國家走錯誤嘅道路

07:53 When asked about whether the imposition of sanctions on China by western countries such as Canada and United States due to the legislation of the National Security Law and whether this would further worsen Sino-Canadian relations, Tong said that Canada should not follow the US’ lead and go down the wrong path.

08:05「那麼我們也都看到 以美國為首的一些西方國家 蓄意地詆毁香港國家安全立法 威脅對中方實施制裁 事實上他們已經就成了採取了一些制裁的措施 他們期圖干擾香港的國安法的實施 破壞香港的繁榮穩定」

08:05 “We have seen that some western countries with the United States in the lead have intentionally slandered the National Security Law and threatened to impose sanctions on China or have already done so. They are plotting to interfere in the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law and destroy Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.”

08:33 另外佟曉玲談及本地有人士同政客就港區國安法發表評論表達不滿指佢地唔好說三道四

08:33 Regarding some local individuals and politicians who commented on the Hong Kong National Security Law, Tong expressed her dissatisfaction and said that these people should stop making irresponsible comments.

08:44 中國駐溫哥華總領事佟曉接受本台獨家專訪回應加拿大有民眾同政客包括一啲華裔政客就港區國安法喺加拿大嘅主流社會推動針對中國嘅行動 中國應該如何對待佢地或者是否可以引用港區國安法條文制裁依啲華裔政客

08:44 Tong was also asked about comments made by the Canadian public and politicians of Chinese descent that asked for Canada to take action against China, how China should deal with these people, and whether China should use the provisions of the National Security Law to sanction those politicians.

09:01 佟曉玲就指現時有一少數嘅政客借人權之名攻擊中國對中國指手劃腳 要求有關政客停止傷害加中關係

09:01 Tong pointed out that a minority group of politicians are using human rights as an excuse to attack China and meddle in China’s internal affairs, and hopes these politicians will stop further damages to the Canada-China relations.

09:11 「我們沒有在加拿大的內部事務上 中方去說三道四妄加評論呢 對不對 所以呢 這些政客 這種干涉中國內政的那種做法實際上嚴重地違反國際法和國際關係的基本準則 我們希望有關政客停止以任何的方式和藉口干涉中國內政」

09:11 “We did not make any remarks or comments on Canadian internal affairs as China Officials, right? So these politicians are violating International Law and basic rule on Global Relation by interfering China’s Internal politics. We hope that these politicians will stop any form of interference by any excuse.”

July 27th, 1pm

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2:25 中國駐溫哥華總領事佟曉玲接受本台獨家專訪,回應本地有不同立場的華人僑團支持和反對港版國安法,中國政府如何修補與部分反對派人士之間的關係,佟曉玲就指現時一些在香港和溫哥華的團體公開支持中國政府立場反而被有些人恐嚇和威迫製造事端。

2:25 Tong Xiaoling, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Vancouver, accepted an exclusive interview with our station, regarding the different ethnically Chinese groups with positions to support and oppose the “Hong Kong National Security Law” legislation, and how to repair the relationship between China and some anti-local Chinese groups. She claims that some local groups in Hong Kong and Vancouver who are openly supporting the Chinese government’s position, but are being threatened and coerced by people to make trouble.

2:45 佟曉玲: 「有些人還企圖對我們這些真正的愛港人士,真正的愛護香港的人士,他們的發聲進行恫嚇,企圖阻止他們發聲,恫嚇他們,那麼對這些人還進行人生的攻擊,也試圖在華裔社會製造分裂,破壞中加關係」

2:45 Those people tried to frighten us who truly love and care about Hong Kong. They tried to stop “us” from voicing out, frighten “us”, and even make personal attacks on “us”. They are also splitting the ethnically Chinese community and damaging the Canada-China relations.

July 27th, AM1320 Article

Consul General of China responding to discussions on Hong Kong’s National Security Law


Tong Xiaoling, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in Vancouver, accepted an exclusive interview with our station. She is responding to organizations and political leaders who have engaged in discussion and expressed opposition to the Hong Kong National Security Law (HKNSL), and proposing Canada to invoke sanctions against China.


Tong was asked if the discussions about Western countries, such as Canada and the United States, imposing sanctions in response to the HKNSL would worsen the relationship between China and Canada. Tong said that Canada should not follow the Western countries who are led by the United States, going on the wrong path.


Tong, the Consul General of the PRC in Vancouver, accepted an exclusive interview with our station, responding to Canadian citizens and politicians, including ethnically Chinese politicians, who are targeting and attacking China in mainstream Canadian society regarding the HKNSL. China is contemplating how to use the HKNSL to sanction these Chinese politicians. Tong points out that a minority group of politicians are using human rights as an excuse to attack China, to gesticulate China, and hopes that these politicians to stop further damages to the Canada-China relations.


Tong, Consul General of the PRC in Vancouver, accepted an exclusive interview with our station, regarding the different ethnically Chinese groups with positions to support and oppose the HKNSL, and how to repair the relationship between China and some anti-local Chinese groups. Tong accused a small number of people in Hong Kong are responsible for sabotage, arming Hong Kong as ammunition storage, to blatantly promoting Hong Kong independence, under the influence of foreign and Taiwanese forces, supports minority people in self-governance, seriously threatening the peace and stability of Hong Kong. Some local groups in Hong Kong and Vancouver are openly supporting the Chinese government’s position, but are being threatened and coerced by others.

July 28th, Radio Interview

00:00 中國駐溫哥華總領事就港區國安法專訪 華僑之星獨家訪問 00:00 Chinese Consul General In Vancouver is accepting an exclusive interview of the Voice of Vancouver’s Chinese Community about Hong Kong’s national security law

00:10 訪問者:「佟總您好 我們知道啊 香港特別行政區維護國家安全法,就已經頒布了一段時間了。 我 們想就一些問題請您談一談」

00:10 Interviewer: Hello Ms. Tong. As we know, the Law on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been released for a while. We have some questions to ask and discuss with you today.

00:18 佟曉玲:「好的,Stella。 我今天也非常的高興呢,接愛華僑之星電台的採訪,也有機會通過你們 的電台訪談節目,就一些當地民眾聽眾關心的問題回答你的提問。」

00:18 Tong: Yes, Stella. I am very happy to accept the interview with the Voice of Vancouver’s Chinese Community, and take this radio show to answer questions that are on the minds of our local listeners.

00:36 訪問者「:我們知道加拿大和美國的國家一齊就港區國安法對中國實施了一些制裁措施 是否有作 用呢?是否會令中國跟加拿大的關係雪上加霜呢?」

00:36 Interviewer: Countries such as Canada and the United States are putting forward sanctions against China based on the national security law in Hong Kong, does this have any effect? Will this worsen the already strained relationship between China and Canada?

00:47 佟:「正如你剛才所講的呢 香港的國安立法問題呢,確確實實的不僅在香港本地以及在國際上也 得到廣泛的關注 那麼在這裡呢我要說的就是 香港國安法是確保一國兩制 行穩致遠 確保香港長久治安和繁 榮穩定的守護神, 我們必需這樣講 因為呢 實施國安法以後,香港將會更加安全更加繁榮 香港市民可以享 有和行使法定的自由和權利 那麼這些權利與自由呢 能夠更好的得到保護 其實呢 包括加拿大在內各個國家 的統治者 他們在香港的合法權利也將會受到更加有效的保障」

00:47 Tong: Like you said, Hong Kong’s national security law has not only captured attention in Hong Kong, but also received wide attention from the international community. I must say, Hong Kong’s national security law is to uphold the “One Country, Two Systems” principle, ensuring Hong Kong’s long term security and protecting its prosperity. After the implementation of the national security law, Hong Kong will be safer and more prosperous. Hong Kong citizens can enjoy freedom and rights as laid out by laws, and these rights and freedom are better protected. Actually, this includes Canada and other countries’ leaders, their legal rights in Hong Kong are also better protected by the national security law.

01:36 佟:「那麼我們也看到 以美國為首的一些西方國家 蓄意詆毀香港國家安全立法 威脅對中方實施制 裁 事實上他們已經就成了採取了一些制裁的措施 他們期圖干擾香港的國安法的實施 破壞香港的繁榮穩 定」

01:36 Tong: We have seen that some western countries, led by the United States,have intentionally slandered the national security law and threatened to impose sanctions on China. Truth is, they have already imposed sanction measures. They are trying to interfere with the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law and destroy Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.

02:00 佟:「那麼 必需指出了加方事實上也參與了其中 那麼這些國家的言行是嚴重違反國際法和國際關 係基本準則的 也是對香港事務中國內政的粗暴干涉 中方對此是強力的譴責和堅決的反對 那麼無論外部勢 力和其他國家對香港國安立法如何的指手劃腳說三道四 甚至施加壓力大打制裁 都動搖不了中方維護國家 主權安全和香港繁榮穩定的決心和意志」

02:00 Tong: We must point out that Canadian government took part in this. These countries’ comments and actions violate international law and standards, also is also a form of violent interference in Hong Kong and Chinese internal affairs. The Chinese government strongly condemns and opposes such actions. No matter how foreign forces or other countries are pointing fingers at Hong Kong’s national security, or even increasing pressure with sanctions, it will not shake the Chinese government’s strong will in protecting the country’s sovereignty and safety, and Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity.

02:40 佟:「任何阻撓 剛才你問到 會不會起作用 那我要說的就是任何阻撓中方推進實施香港國安立法的 圖謀都是徒勞的 我們希望加方不要呢 在錯誤的道路上堅意要往下走 那麼也不要繼續的損害中加的利益 應 當停止在香港國安立法上對中國內政的干涉」

02:40 Tong: You asked, if any of these obstructions would work. Well, any obstructions against China to implement the national security law is useless. We hope the Canadian government will not stubbornly continue on this wrongful path, and stop damaging Canada-China interests. They should stop intervening Chinese internal affairs on the issue of Hong Kong’s national security law.

03:08 佟:「當然了 在加拿大方面在香港國安立法上採取的錯誤做法肯定會對中加關係造成傷害」

03:08 Tong: Of course, the Canada-China relation has been affected by the wrongful actions of the Canadian government in response to Hong Kong’s national security law.

03:18 訪問者:「加拿大與中國的關係從2018年12月至今呢短短一年半的時間之內已經是急轉直下呢 那 麼該如何修補呢?」

03:18 Interviewer: Relations between Canada and China had worsened significantly since December 2018, in the short period of one and half years. How can that be fixed?

03:31 佟:「中加關係呢確實從18年12月到今日為止是面臨著嚴重的困難 在之前我們都講過 或者是降到 了冰點 跌到了低谷 兩國關係呢遇到了嚴重的挑戰 總而言之 眾所周知 中加關係現在處於一種困難的時期 那麼為甚麼是這樣 其實也很清楚 就是孟晚舟事件 是這個問題的晶結之所在」

03:31 Tong: China-Canada relations are facing serious difficulties since December 2018; as we have mentioned, it is at a low point. There are severe challenges in the relation between the two countries. Generally speaking, and as everyone knows, the China-Canada relation at its current difficulty – why is that – it is quite clear. The Meng Wanzhou incident is the crux of the problem.

04:02 佟「中方從一開始就指出 孟晚舟事件絕非甚麼單純的司法事件 而是美國一手泡製的打壓中國高科 技企業的嚴重政治事件 這件事情已經一年多了吧你看 從2018年12月 2019年12月現在已經是2020年7月 一年多 事實愈來愈清楚的驗證美國是中加關係的麻煩制造者 現在加拿大國內也愈來愈多人認清了孟晚舟 事件的政治性 看出加拿大實際上是給美國利用」

04:02 Tong: China has pointed out since the beginning, the Meng Wanzhou case is definitely not a simple judicial issue. It is a serious political incident concocted by the United States to suppress Chinese technology companies. This incident has dragged on for over a year. Look, from December of 2018, to December 2019, and now it’s July of 2020. It is becoming clear and clearer that evidence points to the US being a troublemaker in the Canada-China relationship. Now in Canada, even more people are clearly seeing the politics in the Meng Wanzhou case, they see that Canada is being used by the United States.

04:40 佟「那麼不久前 十九名前政要以及社會知名人士聯名致信社魯多總理 要求加拿大政府妥善處理孟 晚舟事件 終止引渡程序」

04:40 Tong: Not long ago, 19 former officials and prominent individuals signed a joint letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, asking the government to properly handle the Meng Wanzhou case, ending the extradition procedures.

04:55 佟「聯邦綠黨在它的官方網站上,也明確的指出,針對孟晚舟女士的引渡案,實際上是特朗普政 府濫用美加之間的引渡條約以達到其政治目的。綠黨在它的官方網站上,是有段聲明的。那麼綠黨也呼籲 聯邦政府,要要求美方撤消對孟晚舟女士的指控和引渡請求,以便加方能夠釋放孟晚舟女士,以便加方能 從這個事件當中脫身。」

04:55 Tong: The federal Green Party of Canada on its website, has correctly pointed out that Meng Wanzhou’s extradition is an abuse of power by the Trump administration for political gains. On the Green Party website, there is such a statement. The Green Party also asked the federal government to request the US to drop Meng Wanzhou’s extradition charge. So that Canada can release Ms. Meng, and let Canada out of this incident.

05:28 佟「所以中方的希望,從加拿大方面,從事情本身的是非曲直、和自身的利益出發,改正自己的 錯誤,更早作出正確的決斷,釋放孟晚舟女士並且確保她能夠平安回到中國。這樣,為中加關係重新回到 正確軌道創造條件。」

05:28 Tong: So what China wishes to see, from Canada, is to see the right from wrong, to think about their self-benefit, to correct their own mistakes, to quickly make the right decision. Releasing Miss Meng Wanzhou and ensuring her safe passage to China. This can create the right conditions for China-Canada relations to get back on the right track.

05:51 佟「那麼,叢培武大使,也就是我們中國駐加拿大大使,叢培武閣下,最近出席加中貿易理事會 皮爾遜進步政策中心的活動時指出,中加之間不存在根本的利害衝突。中加兩國都致力於發展經濟改善民 生,在維護多邊主義和自由貿易、支持聯合國多邊機制,支持世界貿易組織,世界衛生組織,還有就是應 對氣候變化這些人類的共同問題上,我們有著廣泛的共同語言。

05:51 Tong: So, Ambassador Cong Peiwu, our ambassador to Canada, Mr. Cong Peiwu, recently said this at an event at the Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy: China and Canada have no fundamental conflicts. China and Canada both want economic development to improve standards of living, to protect multilateralism and free trade, to support the United Nations, to support the WTO and the WHO. And on issues like climate change that are problems shared by humanity, we share the same language.

06:31 佟:「所以我個人認為,中加關係,應該在相互尊重、求同存異、優勢互補、互利共贏的基礎上 向前發展。還有一點,在這裡我也很想通過你們的電台,跟聽眾們強調,就是說,中加之間還有一個不應 忽視的因素,那就是兩國人民之間的傳統友誼,是源遠流長的。」

06:31 Tong: In my opinion, the China-Canada relation is based on mutual respect, seeking common ground, complementary advantages, and mutual benefit. In addition, I want to utilize your radio station, to reinforce with your listeners that we must not overlook the traditional and historic friendship among Chinese and Canadians, which is a remarkable contribution towards the China-Canada relation.

06:57 佟:「民間的友好交流,廣泛深入,所以中方也願意繼續推動人民之間的友誼。在此我也想借此 機會向廣大關心中國發展的當地聽眾通報一個好消息,那就是根據中國國家統計局發佈的上半年國民經濟 運行的情況與有關數據顯示,中國第二季度GDP,同比增長百分之三點二,這是主要經濟體國家當中,惟 一實現正增長的國家。」

06:57 Tong: Chinese and Canadian citizens have friendly exchanges and deep relationships. Therefore, Chinese government is also willing to continue the people-to-people diplomacy. Here, I would like to use this opportunity to announce good news to local listeners who care about China’s development. According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China’s first half year’s national economic operation and related data, the second quarter of Chinese GDP increased 3.2%. China is the only country that has positive growth among the major world economies.

07:36 佟「所以,它凸顯了中國經濟強大的印證。中國經濟的健康發展,以至當天及今後一個時期中國 採取的眾多經濟舉措,也必將為中加昇華經貿合作提供大量的機遇,所以中加關係早一天,重新回到正確 的軌道,是有利於雙方,以及有利於兩國人民的。」

07:36 Tong: Therefore, the growth proves China’s great economic power. China’s economic policies and stable healthy economic development will definitely increase the opportunities of trading and economic cooperation with Canada. Therefore, the sooner China-Canada relationship is back on the right track, the better it is for both states and for the Chinese and Canadian citizens.

08:02 佟「第三屆中國經濟進口博覽會,也將於十一月五日至十日於上海如期舉行。在前兩次的進博會上 ,我們卑詩省的參展企業,在加拿大都是佔比很大的。2018年,卑詩省的參覽企業是加拿大參展總數的三 分之一;去年2019年,卑詩省的的參展企業,是加拿大的參展企業的二分之一,今天,到目前為止,已經 有20家卑詩省的企業,簽約要參加第三屆的進博會。」

08:02 Tong: The third China International Import Expo will be held in Shanghai on November 5th to 10th as scheduled. In the two previous expos, BC’s corporations represent a high number of Canadian corporations. In 2018, BC’s corporations represent one third of the total of Canadian participants. In 2019, it grew to 50%. As of today, there are already 20 BC’s corporations who have signed up for the 2020 China International Import Expo.

08:40 佟「其實這也是好消息,希望這些參覽企業能夠滿意而歸吧。所以,兩國合作的前景還是廣闊的, 但是前題條件是我們必須解決現在橫在兩國發展關係深化合作道路上的障礙,那麼加方必須採取實際行 動。

08:40 Tong: This is actually good news. I hope the participating corporations will be satisfied. Hence, this shows that the China-Canada cooperative future is wide. But the condition is that we have to overcome the obstacles that are preventing the further development of the China-Canada relationship, Canada needs to take concrete actions.

09:06 訪問者「那我們知道加拿大有民眾和政客,包括一些華裔的政客,就港區國安法在加拿大主流社 會推動一些針對中國的行動,他們在想中國會如何對待他們,是否會引用港區國安法的條文,反制裁這些 華裔政客呢?」

09:06 Interviewer: Some Canadian citizens and politicians, including ethnically Chinese politicians, are targeting and attacking China in mainstream Canadian society because of Hong Kong’s national security law. They are thinking how China will respond to them, if China would use Hong Kong’s national security law to counter-sanction these Chinese politicians?

09:27 佟「首先我要強調的是,香港是中國的一個特別行政區,香港事務是純屬我們中國內政,不容其 他國家,也不容外部勢力干預。香港國安法只在維護中國國家主權,安全發展力,保障香港的長期治安和 長期繁榮穩定,確保一國兩制能夠行穩致遠。

09:27 Tong: First, I would like to emphasize that Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong affairs are considered purely China’s internal affairs, and do not allow any country or any foreign forces to intervene. Hong Kong’s national security law is only used to defend China’s national sovereignty, safety and development, to protect Hong Kong’s long-term security, prosperity, and stability, and to ensure that the execution on the “One Country, Two Systems” can be stable and everlasting.

9:50 佟「那麼香港國安法針對的只是極少數,那些從事破壞香港繁榮穩定和破壞中國國家安全的行為和 活動。香港國安法實際上得到了廣大香港知名廣泛的擁護,以及國際社會絕大多數成員的理解和支持。那 麼個別的外國政客所謂的以人權之名,對這個國安立法,要麼就是誣衊,要麼就是抵毀、抨擊、攻擊、說 三道四等等,都是以這個人權之名行干涉之實,對屬於中國內政的事務指手畫腳,而且在國家安全問題上 搞雙重標準。

9:50 Tong: The national security law in Hong Kong only targets the absolute minority, those whose acts and behaviours are threatening Hong Kong’s harmony and destroying China’s national security and activities. In fact, national security law in Hong Kong is widely supported by the majority of Hong Kong, and also gained understanding and support from the vast majority of members of the international community. But the independent groups of politicians are using human rights as an excuse to defame, defy, attack, or make irresponsible remarks regarding the national security law in Hong Kong, in order to intervene and gesticulate China’s internal affairs. They also have double standards on national security issues.

10:37 佟「哪一個主權國家沒有自身的國家安全呢?加拿大也有自己的國家安全啊。中方從來不干涉加 拿大的內政。我們沒有在加拿大的內部事務上,中方去說三道四妄加評論呢?對不對?所以呢,這些政客 ,這種干涉中國內政的那種做法,實際上嚴重地違反國際法和國際關係的基本準則。我們希望有關政客停 止以任何的方式和藉口干涉中國內政,以及對香港國安法的問題指手畫腳,不要進一步設害中加關係。

10:37 Tong: Which sovereign states do not have their own national safety? Even Canada has their own national safety. China has never intervened in any Canadian internal affairs. We did not make any remarks or comments on Canadian internal affairs, right? So these politicians are violating International Law and basic rules on global relations by interfering China’s internal affairs. We hope that these politicians will stop any form of interference by any excuse, as these irresponsible comments about Hong Kong’s national security law will further damage Canada-China relations.

11:14 佟:「我剛才強調,香港國安法以及香港特區政府根據基本法23條接下去的有關立法,針對的都 是極少數的,破壞香港繁榮穩定和破壞香港國家安全的行動和行為的一些活動,你不觸犯法律,不從事這 些活動的人,對自身的安全有什麼可擔憂的呢?」

11:14 Tong: As I just emphasized, Hong Kong national security law and article 23 of Basic Law, they are targeting the absolute minority and their acts that break harmony and destroy national security in Hong Kong. If you don’t break the law or engage in these kinds of activities, why do you have to worry about your own safety?

11:43 佟:「所以我希望呢,隨著時間的推移,我相信事實最終會證明,這些人的誣蔑和打擊,純屬出 於他們政治上的考慮,或他們意識形態上的一些偏見。事實將清楚的證明香港的國安立法能使香港的一國 兩制得到更好的維護,而不是相反。」

11:43 Tong: Therefore, I hope, time will prove and the truth will show the slanders and attacks are only caused by people’s political concerns or ideological prejudice. The truth will show that the implementation of national security law will further protect Hong Kong’s “One Country, Two Systems”, and not the opposite.

12:05 訪問者:「謝謝您,最後一個問題就是,我們知道本地有華人僑團非常支持港區國安法的立法, 但是也有持反對意見的團體,如何修補中國和部分本地華人之間的關係呢?如何修護不同立場華人之間的 關係呢?」

12:05 Interviewer: Thank you. The last question is, we know there are some local ethnically Chinese groups who are voicing their support for the national security law in Hong Kong, but there are also groups who oppose. How do we repair the relationship between China and some of these local Chinese groups? How to smoothen the tension between Chinese groups who hold different positions?

12:25 佟:「大家也知道我們大溫地區華裔的人數是很多的,大概有50多萬的華僑華人或華裔吧,他們 大部分多來自於香港,澳門,中國大陸,包括也有來自台灣地區的華裔,那麼香港國安立法的問題,的的 確確為廣大卑詩省和大溫地區的華裔所關注。」

12:25 Tong: We all know that there are around 500 thousands Chinese or ethnically Chinese people in Metro Vancouver. Most of them are from Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, and the Taiwan region. Chinese people all are concerned about the issue of Hong Kong national security law.

12:52 佟:「那我們也清楚的看到近年來,特別去年6月份在香港發生的修例風波,一些人在香港大肆進 行各種暴力的活動,這些都是有圖有真相。當時的這個場面大家都看到,也聽到他們這些人還私藏和製造 槍械彈藥,將學生校園辦成彈藥庫囤積,那麼他們在公眾場所還放置炸藥和裝置,也表現出明顯的恐怖主 義犯罪的傾向,甚至更為嚴重的是這些組織和人員明目張膽的鼓吹港獨、自覺等等,焚燒侮辱國旗和區旗 ,還衝擊中央駐港機構,衝擊香港立法會等等這些政權機構,甚至還叫囂武裝建國,還有搞什麼立憲。」

12:52 Tong: We have seen clearly over the recent years, especially since last June’s extradition movement, some people are carrying out various violent activities in Hong Kong. These behaviours have been captured by and proven by pictures. At that time we can see and hear that these people possess and manufacture firearms and ammunition. The student campus has become their ammunition depot. They also placed explosives and devices in public places, which have shown a clear tendency for terrorist crimes. The problem becomes even more serious when these organizations and members loudly promote Hong Kong independence, nation consciousness, etc; they even burnt and insulted the national and regional flags. They also assaulted the Chinese agencies in Hong Kong, attacked the political institutions such as the Hong Kong Legislative Council etc. Some of them even clamoured to establish their own armed nationhood and develop whatever constitution.

13:53 佟「那麼我們也看到一些外國勢力,還有台灣勢力,更是赤裸裸的插手和干預香港事務,煽風點 火,推波助瀾,為這些反對派和激進的暴力分子、分離主義分子,撐腰打氣。他們提供各種各樣的資金、 支持、培訓、保護。」

13:53 Tong: We can also see that there are foreign forces and Taiwan forces, which are out-and-out intervening and interfering in the Hong Kong affairs. Fanning the flames and supporting these opposition parties, radical rioters, and separatists; supporting and cheering them on. They even provided a variety of funding, support, training, and protection.

14:13 佟「美國最近還制定了所謂香港自治法,直接以國內法的方式,把對香港的干預企圖給他制度化 和規範化。這些活動不僅嚴重違害香港的社會穩定、繁榮和公共安全,而且突破了一國兩制的底線,嚴重 的危害中國的國家安全。」

14:13 Tong: The US government recently implemented the so-called Hong Kong Autonomy Act, to formalize and systematize its interference in Hong Kong through internal legislative procedures. These activities are not only harming the harmony and public safety of Hong Kong society, but also breaking through the redline of Hong Kong’s One System Two Systems, and seriously endangering China’s national security.

14:35 佟「所以這個犯罪的活動是香港出現了回歸以來最為嚴峻的局面和形式。實際上香港自身的經濟 發展受到了很大的衝擊,香港保持了25年的全球最自由經濟體的地位也不復存在了。」

14:35 Tong: This criminal act is the most serious one we face since the handover of Hong Kong. In fact, Hong Kong economic development has been largely affected, and Hong Kong lost its status as the freest market economy in the world in 25 years.

14:53 佟「GDP 20年以來首次出現了負增長,失業率也創下了幾十年來的新高。香港歷史上最長時期的 一次動亂就是去年夏天發生的這個事情。我相信任何真心愛護和關心香港的人,包括在我們大溫地區的, 真正的港藉的、來自香港的華人,都不願意看到這樣的局面繼續下去。所以國安立法得到了香港主流民意 及國際社會正義力量堅定的支持。」

14:53 Tong: There is a negative growth in GDP for the first time in 20 years. Unemployment rate has also reached a new high in decades. What happened last summer is the longest riot in Hong Kong history. I believe everyone who loves and cares about Hong Kong wants this to stop, those living in Metro Vancouver, who are truly from Hong Kong, and Hong Kong-Chinese. Therefore, the majority of Hong Kong people and those who advocate for international social justice support national security law.

15:25 佟「大家也看到,香港國安法出台後,近三百萬香港民眾聯署,支持國安立法。也有超過128萬香 港的民眾參與了網上聯署。在香港的政治、法律界、公商界、金融界、教育、科技、文化、宗教、青年、 勞工等等各業,還有社會團體,都深深表達了支持立法。我們大溫地區,也有多個僑團社團聯合或者是單 獨發佈的聲明,一致表示他們的支持。」

15:25 Tong: Everyone can see that, since the implementation of the national security law in Hong Kong, close to 3 million Hong Kong people have signed in support of the law. There are also over 1.28 million Hong Kongers who joined the online petition. Various sectors, including politics, legal, industrial and commercial, finance, education, technology, religion, youth and workers, as well as social communities, have all shown their deep support for the legislation. In our greater Vancouver area, many Chinese communities and groups have issued statements jointly or independently, uniting to show their support on the law.

16:01 佟「因為他們願意看到香港能夠長治久安,願意看到一國兩制能得以長期實行,填補香港在國家 安全立法上的漏洞,防止今後再出現去年的黑暴、騷亂和動亂。我們也知道,在當地,在這裡也有一些民 眾,包括華裔人士,對香港立國安法存在疑慮和擔心,擔心會侵犯和影響香港民眾和居民相關的權利和自 由,剛剛我在前面都講過了,這是不會發生的。」

16:01 Tong: They want to see Hong Kong to have long-term stability and security, they want to see the “One Country, Two Systems” in the long run, filling up the loophole of national security in Hong Kong, preventing future black violence, riots, and chaos like we have seen in last year. We know that here, locally, there are some civilians, including the Chinese people, who are worrying about Hong Kong’s national security law, they are worried that the law may intrude and affect Hong Kong residents’ relevant rights and liberty, as I have mentioned previously, this is not going to happen.

16:43 佟「那麼他們為什麼會有這樣的疑慮和擔心呢?我認為,很大程度上,是因為當地的一些媒體的 歪曲報道,以及當地一些政客充滿意識形態偏見、和對華敵意、對華種敵意,所造成的誤導。」

16:43 Tong: So why would they have such worry? I believe, to a large extent, it is because of some of the misinformation by biased media reports, and some local politicians who are prejudiced hostile towards China and Chinese people.

17:04 佟「我想對大家說的是,香港是中國的香港,香港事務純屬中國內政。任何外部勢力的干預也不 會得逞。他們這種圖謀也阻撓不了,阻擋不了我們對香港國安立法的進程。」

17:04 Tong: I want to say to everyone: Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong, Hong Kong affairs are solely under China’s internal affairs. No foreign forces can intervene. They plotted to intervene but they cannot, they cannot stop us from developing the national security law in Hong Kong.

17:20 佟「特別要說明的一點,中國的中央政府,沒有比中國中央政府更加對香港的長期繁榮穩定關心 和呵護;沒有比中國的中央政府對香港人民的福祉、自由和權利更加關心和愛護;也沒有任何力量、外部 的力量能夠像中國的中央政府那樣更加珍惜和切實履行一國兩制原則和基本法。

17:20 Tong: I have to specify one point, the central government of China, no one cares more about Hong Kong’s long term stability and prosperity more than the central government of China; no one cares HK people’s well being, liberty and rights more than the central government of China; no forces or external forces would treasure and sincerely uphold “One Country, Two Systems” and the Basic Law more than the central government of China.

所以,香港是中華人民共和國的領土,是中華人民共和國的一個特別行政區,中央政府對香港的繁榮穩 定、居民的福祉、一國兩制的長期發展,長期的實行,是最關心最關注,也會加大力氣想方設法去維護。 哪有一個國家政府和力量,能夠比中國的中央政府能更加的關心呢?所以說中央政府去破壞香港的繁榮穩 定、破壞特區居民的自由權利,全屬無稽之談。」

That is to say, Hong Kong is a part of the People’s Republic of China, a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. The Central People’s Government is concerned and cares about, and puts the utmost effort to protect the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, the fortunate of the residents, and the long-term development and implementation of “One Country, Two Systems.” Which state government or power could have cared more than the Central People’s Government? Therefore, it is ridiculous to accuse the Central People’s Government for destroying the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, and violating the freedom and rights of the Hong Kong residents.

18:44 佟:「那麼 極少數人 我們能看到 內外 在香港本地 在這裡都有些人蓄意詆毀和破壞香港的國安立 法 他們還與一些頑固極端的反華勢力相勾連 企圖在海外製造事端 企圖把海外變成反中亂港的基地 有些人 還企圖對我們一些真正的愛港人士 真正愛護關心香港的人士他們的發聲進行恫嚇 阻止他們發聲 恫嚇他們 對這些人還進行人身攻擊 也試圖在我們華裔社會製造分裂 破壞中加關係 我覺得這樣人的政治圖謀是昭然 若揭的,大家應該看得很清楚 」

18:44 Tong: We observed an extremely small group of people, whether in Hong Kong or in Canada, who are deliberately smearing and attacking Hong Kong’s national security law. They are even collaborating with anti-Chinese powers, in attempts to cause trouble overseas, to even create bases in foreign countries to stand against China and disrupt Hong Kong. Some are even targeting us, who truly love Hong Kong and truly care for Hong Kong, to silence us and personally attack us. They also try to divide the Chinese communities, to destroy the Canada-China relationship. I think their political agenda is clear, everyone should be able to see.

19:35 佟:「希望不會有更多的人被他們所蒙蔽 也能夠希望有理性理智的華裔 能夠看到把香港的國安立 法 在一個比較長的歷史的長河和角度當中去看這個問題 那麼最終他們會得到看結論就是香港國安立法 會 真正的維護香港特區 港人 以及一國兩制的核心原則 不存在著港人的利益和自由會得到破壞 我本人 我相 信假以時日香港的國安立法會受到更多人的理解和支持 」

19:35 Tong: I hope that no one will be hoodwinked by these groups. I hope that rational Chinese people can view Hong Kong’s national security law under the long-winded historical perspective. In the end they will conclude that the national security law will truly protect Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and to protect the core values of “One Country, Two Systems”. The rights and freedom of the Hong Kong people will not be destroyed. I myself, I believe that in time the national security law will gain even more understanding and support.

20:19 佟:「那這個企圖在華裔社會當中製造分裂 甚至是製造恐嚇 產生寒蟬效應的人 他們的圖謀是注定 要失敗的 那麼新加坡前駐聯合國大使 Kishore Mahbubani 他有一個比喻 他說香港是美國發起的對華地緣 戰略競爭中的一隻的政治足球 美國為甚麼在香港的國安立法問題上吵得這麼高 他們把它看成是政治足球 追來追去 打來打去 悲哀的是甚麼呢 這個足球本身會在這過程當中受損害 所以呢我相信 在這裡 我借用 Kishore Manhubani的比喻 我想說的是甚麼 真正的愛港民眾都不會希望香港會成為那隻被踢破的足球」

20:19 Tong: As a result, those in the Chinese community, those who want to create divisions or a climate of terror, who are plotting schemes, their plans are doomed to fail. The former Singapore ambassador to the United Nations, Kishore Mahbubani, had this analogy, he said – Hong Kong is one of the political soccer in the game of US geopolitics. Why is the US so vocal on the Hong Kong national security law? They see Hong Kong as the political soccer ball, they chase and kick it around. You know what the sad thing is? This soccer ball will be damaged in the process. So I believe, and here I borrow the words of Mr. Kishore Manhubani. What I want to say is, people who truly love Hong Kong do not want Hong Kong to become a damaged soccer ball.

21:13 佟:「我希望我們大溫地區這些愛港人真心關心愛護香港的人士 擦亮眼睛 分清是非 要深明大義 不要被少數反中亂港份子的禍港言行所迷惑 不要參與他們的破壞行動 從而更好地維護中加關係 不要把香 港問題變為一個中加關係的問題」

21:13 Tong: I wish that people in our Metro Vancouver, these people who truly love and care about Hong Kong, keep their eyes open and see right from wrong. Understand what is right, and don’t be misled by a minority group who are anti-China and disruptive activities. Do not participate in their destructive actions, so we can better protect China-Canada relations. Don’t let the Hong Kong problem become a China-Canada problem.

ACHK supports and welcomes Taiwanese, Tibetan, Uyghur, Chinese, and other communities who are suffering from persecution by the Chinese Communist Party. ACHK stands in solidarity with Indigenous and marginalized communities both within Canada and abroad. | [email protected]