About ACHK

Alliance Canada Hong Kong is a non-partisan national campaign plan driven by pro-democracy Hong Kongers in Canada

ACHK is a national campaign plan driven by pro-democracy Hong Kongers in Canada. We are assembling a collective to mobilize and empower Canada-Hong Kong community groups to take political action, and to create a nation-wide Hong Konger community. At the same time we will engage with politicians and staffers to lobby and push for political action to support Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. The ultimate goal is to create legislative change in Canada to support democracy and human rights in Hong Kong.

Vision for the Collective

To bring together the Canada-Hong Konger community, inclusive of local and national organizations, youth and/or city-based groups. We wish to empower our community through toolkits, webinars, and online resources. ACHK strives to mobilize Hong Kongers to take civil and political action across Canada.

Four Core Principles

  1. Community-First: to put the Hong Konger community first: a campaign for Hong Kongers, by Hong Kongers. The Community-First approach will center around Hong Kongers, including Hong Kongers of non-Chinese ethnicity.
  2. Solidarity: as freedom fighters, we will stand in solidarity with BIPOC communities, LGBTQA2+, and other marginalized communities in Canada and abroad. We stand in support of Taiwanese, Tibetian, Uyghurs, and other communities who are also suffering from the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party.
  3. Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI): to put Community & Solidarity into action. In each strategic and operational decision, we must incorporate EDI to ensure that the operation is a healthy and is providing a gainful experience for all.
  4. Multi-Partisan: to approach and get support from multiple political parties, to find common ground between all political actors.

Our Mission

  • Collective Power: We are stronger, together. By bringing together local community groups across the nation and forming an alliance together, we will give weight to the Hong Konger community groups in the eyes of Canadians and our politicians.  
  • Community Empowerment: Empowering local groups who sign onto the collective with resources and mentorship, but also providing a platform for knowledge exchange between local organizers.   
  • Legislative Agenda: Using the Collective Power of the alliance, we will reach out to politicians to demand legislative change in the Parliament of Canada.