Alliance Canada HK

Un collectif nouvellement lancé pour mobiliser et habiliter les groupes communautaires Canada-Hong Kong à prendre des mesures politiques.

Nos demandes pour le gouvernement canadien

Nous menons un sondage avec la Conférence de presse des citoyens pour savoir quelles actions les Canadiens et les Hongkongais espèrent voir du gouvernement canadien. Ajoutez votre voix à nos demandes.

We are stronger, together.

By bringing together local community groups across the nation and forming an alliance together, we will give weight to the Hong Konger community groups in the eyes of Canadians and our politicians.

Sign up your city/student group to join our collective! Your group can be one of our founding members.

We stand in support of Taiwanese, Tibetian, Uyghurs, and other communities who are also suffering from the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party

Community groups that support ACHK

Ottawans Stand with Hong Kong
Ottawa, ON

Ottawa Post-Secondary Institutions’ Hong Kong Awareness Group
Ottawa, ON

Torontonians Stand with Hong Kong
Toronto, ON

York University Hong Kong Politics Awareness Group
Toronto, ON

Action Free Hong Kong Montreal
Montreal, QC

Halifax-Hong Kong Link
Halifax, NS

Canada HongKonger

U of Manitoba Hong Kong Concern
Winnipeg, MB

Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement (VSSDM)
Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Hong Kong Forum Society
Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Hong Kong Political Activist (VHKPoActs)
Vancouver, BC

Vancouverites Stand with Righteousness (VanSWR)
Vancouver, BC

Vancouverites Concerned About Hong Kong (VanCAHK)
Vancouver, BC